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About Maurice

...a cross pollination of media...

I'm the guy that typically works between the Product Manager and the Business Analyst. It's my job to make sure the developers and engineers get the right designs before they code. If they fail, I fail.
Most often I report to the Director or Head of R&D, Engineering or Development. For the most part I'm in between make or break, with my ass on the line.

I wireframe and solve complex problems for the user, not the developer. I design and build prototypes before development. Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, PowerPoint, Catalyst, are just a few of my tools. Windows, Apple, Blackberry and Android are typical conversations with a beer, followed by my plans to change the world.

I'm a UI/UX Designer, not a developer.


...where ideas become real...

Sketches & Wireframes

The wireframe connects the underlying conceptual structure, or information architecture, to the surface, or visual design of a website or application.
Wireframes help establish functionality, and the relationships between different screen templates. Iterative, wireframing is where thinking becomes tangible.
[napkin sketches, whiteboarding, Axure RP, Balsamiq, Illustrator]

UX & UI Design

User experience design is majorly defined on broader topics that include talk of user’s emotions, the appeal of a UI and visual design represents the aesthetics or “look-and-feel” of the front end of any User Interface. Fundamentals of Gestalt psychology and Visual Perception give cognitive perspective on how to create effective visuals.
[whiteboarding, wireframing, design patterns, A/B Testing, psychology]

Prototypes & Interaction Design

A prototype demonstrates a concept, Interaction Design enable a pleasurable end user experience. Combining them together make a very effective way to enhance any product.
[Axure RP, Photoshop, Catalyst, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS]

My iPad UI Toolkit

interface, toolkit design, photoshop

Designed to help speed up development when designing information graphics and visualization displays. This Information Deshboard Toolkit was built from the ground up using 100% Photoshop shapes, which makes it easy to scale and fit any mobile device while maintaining its original aspect ratio.
Cost: $99 as a digital download.

What I did:

  • Researched Best Practices
  • read lots of books
  • asked bank people lots of questions
  • found out banks have crappy reports
  • lived in Photoshop
  • Well, basically I did everything

Sample 1:
Persona Generator

wireframes, branding, interface design, prototypes

Persona Generator will change the way you create and manage personas for market research and product development.

Created out of need, but will conrtibute to the whole design, UX, and market research genre in general.

What I did:

  • branding, logo design
  • wireframes
  • usability design
  • interface design
  • HTML, CSS prototypes

Sample 2:
Beyond Time - Android App

wireframes, branding, interface design

Designed in a week and a half. This application built for the Andriod platform was geared towards the Wellness industry.

What I did:

  • branding, logo design
  • icon design
  • background design
  • usability design
  • interface design

Sample 3
Information Dashboard

branding, web design

This product helps you isolate the source of application performance problems, on a large scale and address some pressing questions:
What was the problem in the external client/network or internal backend processing?
How many real users are experiencing the problem?
What threshold is violated?
Which synthetic playback locations are affected?

What I did:

  • sketching and whiteboarding
  • wireframes and prototypes
  • user experience design
  • interface design
  • interaction design
  • specification documents

Sample 4:
Axure Wirefames

Axure RP, ux design, web design

Sample wireframe created for a Non-profit organization.

What I did:

  • usability design
  • wireframing
  • interaction design
  • Axure RP


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