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I'm Maurice,
nice to meet you.

I'm the guy that typically works with the Product Manager, the Business Strategist and/or the Head of Engineering to designs business solutions and solve complex design problems.


How I got into design and user research

As everyone else, I've been interested in anything creative from a young age. However, I got real deep in high school.
Thanks to my shop teacher Mr. Virk that got me interested in reading Blueprints and CAD drawings.
From there I went off to college to study Graphic Design, Animation and Communication Arts.

I got into print and billboard design, and eventually into New Media Arts working with Universal Music on the side doing enhanced-CDs and DVDs, then eventually got a job at the IBM Innovation Center in Canada as a Designer.

The research part came later, not from a boss, manager or mentor, but out of self-interest and my love for another passion of mine, behavioural psychology.

What I've been working on 

Currently working on my own side project on my down time, which is a research platform for creating data-driven personas.

I'm always into what's happening I'm also working on voice and text related ideas and concepts with A.I. and recently completed a certificate at Stanford University in Product Management and looking to grow forward in my career.

What I'm curious about

I'm very curious about voice technology, acoustic sciences, behavioural psychology and electronic music.

I also DJ for hours when I'm in the mood.
Oh yeah...I love racehorses!

Contact me

Email me at: 
or call me at 647-710-5367

Thanks! Message sent.

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